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At Mesa Tractor, we believe you can never know too much. Our service staff attends product line schools each winter which keeps them up-to-date with new products and also with areas that can become possible service problems. We understand that maintenance is the key to extending your equipment's life, and within most of your owner's manuals you will find a maintenance schedule that we hope you will review and follow.

Our staff is certified, completely experienced, and without compare. Todd has been a Kubota technician for over 20 years, and is recognized and looked-to for those hard-to-answer problems by both customers and peers throughout the Southwest. James brings with him over 11 years of small engine service experience and knowledge, covering 2 and 4 stroke, diesel and hydraulics.

We are a Certified Master Kubota Service and Repair Shop, and we specialize in servicing what we sell. Call us today to schedule your equipment for maintenance and repairs.

Special Abilities: Warranty Work... Maintenance... Blade & Chain Sharpening... Trouble Shooting... Upgrades... You Name It!

From out of town? Call ahead and schedule a 1 Day service for your Kubota or Walker Today!

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