Mesa Tractor's Sales Department

  • Tractors
  • Implements
  • Riding Mowers
  • Chainsaws—and more!

    Our small, specialized sales staff has over 50 years of combined knowledge and experience, and can advise you on the equipment we sell as well as instructing you on its operation and most efficient use.

    Jed, Manager of Mesa Tractor, handles in house sales and government bid requests. He has learned the main aspects of selling from his peers and plans on sticking to those for years to come. He believes in quality procducts, a quality dealership to back those products and amazing customer service to go along with it.

    Our sales team  has over 50 years in the business. They can give you an honest comparison on a variety of manufacturers, and can brief you on the latest models of turf equipment as well as the older, tried-and-true ones. They will help you determine exactly what you need for your business.

    David has many of years in the Ag business from west Texas and Eastern NM. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge in the farming industry. He can help get you the right equipment for the right job.

    Nothing can take the place of experience, and you will find a wealth of it here at Mesa Tractor.

    Jed Dixon

    David Gibbs

    Aaron Bachicha

    Pablo V.  Ramirez Jr

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